Part Three

Chapter 2—- Strange Machine

” So you were the one who interrogated John McAllen. Right Ben??

“So did you manage to get anything out of him”
“That guy was crazy,a freak. He just kept blabbering nonsense all the time”
“What Nonsense??
” Like ….he came here to right the wrong…half of his body is here half is somewhere else etc etc”
“Does not make sense”
“Yes,I know detective”
“Okay Ben we’re done here”
“Let me know if you need anything else from me”

Officer Ben walks out from Detective Cooper’s room. In same moment
Ryan comes rushing into the room. He hands over his cell phone to Cooper.
“Cooper, it’s Bill. He found something”
” Hey Bill,its me Cooper” (answering the cell phone)
“Okay Cooper, listen carefully the generator retrieved from john’s car is not actually a generator”
“Then what is it??
” I don’t know. Only the outer casing looks like a generator but inside the configuration is all a different story. It’s some kind of a weird machine.”
“Do you have any idea what does this machine do??
” No Cooper, I have never seen anything like this my whole life. But I have wild guess that this might transmit and receive some kind of strange signals.”
“What signals??
” No idea. I’m completely blank right now,can’t understand a thing. We need outside help Cooper ”
” Do you know someone??
“Yes,there’s a guy that I think should be able to help us some way but I’m not sure”
“Alright call him anything is better than nothing. And call me as soon as you get something”
“Okay and there’s another thing I want to tell you about. The laptop’s hard drive have been recovered. It belonged to John and your mind will get blown away when you see what’s inside it”
“So you found out??
” yeah.I’m mailing it to you now look for yourself”
“Okay do it soon”
“And one last thing Cooper I think there’s a big game going on, a game beyond our imagination”






Chapter 1— The military doctor.



Cooper’s Residence

“Hello! Who’s this? (answering his cell phone)
” Good morning detective it’s Ryan,we got a situation ”
” Captain called and he wants us to drop our present case and start working on a new”
“Sorry,cannot drop it in the middle”
“But he said that’s an order”
“Well I’ll talk to him”
“Okay den see you soon”
Detective cooper rushes to the police station. He headed straight to the captain’s room to discuss the issue. He gives two knocks on the door.
“Come in Detective”(slightly picking up his head )
“You want us to drop the case??
“Yup! ( directly looking towards the detective closing the file he was working on)
” we are in the middle of a case and you want us to drop???
“Yes” (slightly nodding his head)
” Don’t you know what happened here last night??
“Yes but there’s others to work on that”
“No. This is more important. You’ll drop your present case and I’ll find someone else to handle it. In the meantime you’ll find out what happened here last night”
“Everybody knows what happened last night. It’s all over the news”
“I’m not asking you Detective. That’s an order” (In deep voice)
“But I cannot leave a case in the middle”
“You have to cooper”
“But why me???
“Because you’re one of the best we’ve got and this case is top priority right now. I need this case solved as fast as it can”
“But…..but I cannot leave a case unfinished in the middle. You know my record captain”
“I’m not talking about closing the case I’ll transfer it to someone else beside I know your record that’s why I’m asking you to work on it”
“Alright …… win. I’ll do it”
“Good detective and best of luck”

Detective Cooper walks out of the police station and lights a cigarette.
“It didn’t work. Did it? ( Officer Ryan spoke from behind)
” Never mind Ryan”
“So what’s next?
” what was the name of the suspect?
“It’s John…..John McAllen. A military doctor and 28yrs old”
“So do you know where he got all the guns and explosive stuff”
“He stole it from the military station couple of hours before the police caught him with his vehicle”
“How the police knew about him?
” They informed the police”
“Who they?
” The military”
“Do you have the address of this man?
” Yes, he lived in an apartment building with the name The Royal Enclave”
“Family members?
” A five yr old son and his wife”
“They live in the same apartment?
” yeah”
“Alright Ryan let’s give them a visit”


The Royal Enclave
Cooper and Ryan arrived outside the apartment number 10 B and knocked at the door. The apartment was in the first floor of the building. A man at his mid thirties wearing white kurta and pajama opened the door. The surrounding of the room was filled with mixed sounds of murmering and low sobbing. There were people in white clothing’s scattered throughout the room.
“How can I help you?? ( asked the man who opened the door)
” uuhh…..I’m detective Cooper and this is my associate Ryan. May we talk to Mrs McAllen ”
“Sure…sure she’s inside”
Copper and Ryan walked inside and the man pointed to a lady in her late twenties . She is wearing a white sari and crying heavily sitting on a sofa surrounded by people. Both of them neared the lady.
“Hello Mrs McAllen we’re sorry to disturb you at this hour but it’s important” ( Cooper asked in a low voice)
“Who are you?? ( she asked sobbingly)
Her eyes are red and swollen probably from crying and tears running down through her cheeks.
” I’m Detective Cooper and he’s my associate Ryan. We’re here to talk about your husband”
She didn’t say anything but slightly nodded her head and wiped the tears from her eyes with her hands. Indicating she’s ready to talk.
“Alright did you noticed any unusual behaviour of your husband just recently”
“Did your husband had any enemy?
” As of my knowledge, no”
“Did your husband tell you anything before leaving home for the last time?
” yeah…I asked him where he’s leaving to again as he had just returned from duty and he told me he’s going to visit a friend in the police station”
“What?? You mean he told you that he’s going to the police station?
” yes”
She continued,” you know he was so pleasing,so calm. I still can’t believe he did this”
Cooper again started asking…
“Did it looked like he was nervous as he left home for the police station??
” No he was calm as usual”( she again started crying only louder this time)

Ryan cleared this throat indicating cooper to stop the interrogation. Cooper understood the sign.
“It was lovely talking to you Mrs. McAllen now I and Ryan would like to take your leave and sorry for your loss”
Mrs McAllen nodded her head. Both cooper and Ryan left the scene and stood outside the Royal Enclave. Cooper reached out for the cigarette packet in his trousers pocket.
“Damn it! ( Cooper exclaimed on finding the cigarette packet empty)
” Ryan do you have any cigarette?
” Take this” ( Ryan takes out a cigarette from his packet and hands it to Cooper)
“So what do you think?? (Ryan asks to Cooper)
” I need to find this friend of his in the police station. What do you think?
” Well, I think he was going to blow off the police station with C4″
“How far away from the police station was he arrested?
Ryan takes out his cell phone and shows Cooper the location of the arrest in google maps.
” Here ” ( pointing to the location on the map)
“Hmmmm…..well it looks like he was really heading for the police station”
“Now, what?? ( Ryan asks)
” Now we need to talk with Ben”


The source


Who are you ?
“I’m no one”
Where are you from?
“Nowhere ”
Why are you here?
“M here to meet a friend”
“None of your business ”
If you don’t talk soon you’re in great trouble mister.
I’m talking officer.
You are caught with automatic machine guns,flash bangs,grenades,Lot’s of money,and to top that C4 explosives.
So,you’re in a great trouble here and I think you’re going in for a long time.
You cannot put me in prison.
Why not??
Because I’m not here.
You’re not here ??(chuckles and laughs)
You don’t believe me,do you?
Hey hey,you tell me now how you got all this stuff and what the hell you’re doing here as for my perception you’re are a terrorist and I still don’t know why I’m asked to waste time with this interrogation. ( speaking in an aggressive tone angrily)
M not a terrorist and I’m telling you the truth.
Alright,why you think you’re not here?
Half of me is here and the other half somewhere else.
What??(with an surprised expression in his face)
My mind is here but not my body.
Then whose body I’m looking at?
The same man on whose car you apprehended me with all the stuff.
I think we brought you to a wrong place. we should have taken you to a mental asylum.
(The one in interrogation just gives a low smile as a reaction).
The interpreter comes out of the room,slams the door behind with a great force. He then proceeds to an another room where there is an another policeman viewing the entire conversation in the interpretation room through surveillance cameras.
So,what do you think?
I don’t know. He’s crazy you know.
I don’t think so
Well why not??
Bcoz Ben I’ve been doing this since 15 yrs now and I know when they lie,they create illusions,they puzzle us with their tricky answers but this one he’s different.
Which way??
I think he’s telling the truth.
Then you’re crazy too. And we’re wasting our time.
No, we’re not Ben.
All right Clark ,see you tomorrow m off for today.
Okay you go ahead I’ll catch you later.
Good night Clarke.

Ben’s Residence
The cell phone beeps with vibrations and rings. Ben opened his eyes hesitating and his hand reached out for the the switch of the table lamp beside his bed. He turned on the lamp and answered the call without getting up from his bed.
Hello, who’s this?? (Low voice)
Hey Ben,it’s Roger. Clarke’s dead.( the cell phone crackled)
What??? But….. But How?? When (shockingly asked)
He sat upright on his bed by the shock. And his mind completely blank not knowing how to react.
Hello!…. Hello! are you there Ben??
Yeah…yeah I’m here.
Come over here ASAP.
All right I’m on my way.

The police station
Ben parks his vehicle and rushes inside. A crowd of policeman swamped up the central room. And then Roger comes out from the crowd towards Ben on seeing him.
“Hey,this way”.( catching Ben’s left arm he leaded him to the surveillance room)
On the surveillance room Roger turned on one of the three monitor and reversed the play time to when the incident took place. It was half past 11 almost midnight.
” look the incident caught on tape”(with a low voice)
The monitor displayed the interrogation room with Clarke and the suspect sitting across facing each other. They are talking to each other and briefly about six minutes later Clarke went out and returned back two minutes after with a black laptop and gave it to the suspect. The suspect worked out something on the laptop for about three minutes and then showed Clarke something on the laptop. Clarke was surprised to see whatever the laptop displayed and he started crying. For about seven minutes he kept on crying and suspect appeared to be saying something to him. After that Clarke stopped crying and took out his gun and shot the suspect,put three bullets into the laptop and then shot himself.
“He convinced Clarke to do it. He showed him something” (Ben spoke with a deep voice)
“Looks like it” (Roger exclaimed)
“Can we recover the laptop?
” Already working on it Ben”
As Ben was about to make his way out of the room,Roger speaks from behind.
“Hey you were with him yesterday???
“Did you noticed any strange behavior in him??
” No just like the usual”

…..…………………….to be continued